The Buyers Journey 🚀

The key steps to buying a home.

✅ Step 1

Build Your Team

Kickstart the process by finding trusted experts to guide you along the way.

✅ Step 2

Check Your Score

Find out your credit score & work to improve it by cutting down debt & spending.   

✅ Step 3

Boost Savings
Talk to a professional about down payment options. Then set a goal &  budget accordingly. 

✅ Step 4

Know Your Numbers
Discover what you can afford based on interest rates, income, etc. Then get pre-approved to have a competitive edge.  

✅ Step 5

Go House Hunting
Tour with your agent to explore neighborhoods, home types, and determine your must-haves. Repeat until you find the one. 

✅ Step 6

Make an Offer
Meet with your agent to draft your offer and negotiate with the seller. An offer is what you are willing to pay for the home.

✅ Step 7

Inspect and Appraise
Rely on the pros as they determine the value and condition of your new home.  

✅ Step 8

Make It Official
On closing day, sign the final documentation and get the keys to your home.

✅ Step 9

Move into Your New Home
Send in the movers because it’s time to make your dream a reality on move-in day.